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You are different, you are gifted.

God has gifted everyone differently, and uniquely.
There are no two people alike in the world, even twins are very different.
Every single person has a gifting, everyone has something to offer.
And contrary to the current systems of this world, that offering is not your 9 to 5 job as a sales person, or as an accountant, or as a paper pusher.
That offering is not what you give at your night shift at the restaurant, call centre or hospital.
Even for those who are living ‘large’ and earning fat checks,  your offering is not as a CFO, as a banker or a lawyer
Yes it is OK to have a job, all that is well and good, but that can not define your life for 50 years until retirement
You have something to offer beyond your regular job
You are multi skilled, you are gifted
You might not have explored and developed your skills and giftings, but they are there IN YOU
You cook at special family occasions and people want seconds even though their full, that’s a gift
You have a way of engaging people in conversation or lighting up a room when you enter, that’s a gift
You have a stack of journals and paper scribbles all over the house filled with ideas thoughts and stories, that’s a gift
You sing songs in your head that come from your heart while working you day job, that’s a gift
Children love being around you, and the elderly wait for your visit – long for your touch, that is a beautiful gift
You are gifted, but what good is a gift if left wrapped and tied?
Imagine… “Happy birthday world, i am a gift to you, but…. you don’t know what i am, you don’t know who i am, you see the packaging but you don’t know whats inside!”
Discover your gift and give it to the world
The world needs you, because you are unique
You have a unique way of seeing the colors of this world
For its through your eyes that you have seen the world
You have a unique voice and a story that only you can tell, a story that should be passed on from generation to generation
You have a unique offering that nobody else can give
The world is waiting for you
So what are you waiting for?
Banish fear
Banish ‘what will they think’ thoughts
Banish ‘what will happen if it doesn’t go well’ thoughts
Banish the fear of failure.
Get rid of the desire to adapt and fit in to a a shoe that’s not your size
Banish ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m not like him’, ‘I’m not like her’
Well… him and her started somewhere, and that somewhere was the first step,
That somewhere was now
That somewhere is now
Not later, not tomorrow, for tomorrow never comes & procrastination is a b**** thief, don’t allow him to take no more of your today
Start somewhere, start now, start today
Start with what you have in your hand: that pen, the pot, the microphone, the camera, the sewing needle at the tip of your fingers
Going back to the beginning…
Life is more than having a job as an employee hustling and grinding to make that paper… for somebody else
Open your eyes and see, visualise, see the vision
If your happen to close your eyes, then dream
Because dreams are not meant to stay dreams
Dreams await your awakening

Author Bashanganyi

On a unique journey. About to complete the 1st 30 years of my life. Spent the first 10 with family, the next 10 with friends in various schools, and thereafter the next 10 in church. Whats in store for me?

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