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Today, I will begin publishing a series of poems, blog posts and videos from myself on the topic of thoughts, thinking, the power of thoughts, and the mind.
Lately, this is a topic that has not been able to leave my mind. How can I proactively use my mind as a tool, than let it run wild. How do I manage it, and govern it. One would  ask, “who is the ‘I’ that is using the mind, is the mind not the ‘I’”? It is questions such as this that I intend to answer. I seek to understand and articulate the different faculties of a human being – spirit, soul, mind, body; as well as the intricate differences between the mind, the brain, thoughts, ideas, words, and feelings. I will also talk about “the heart”. I will not go deep into consciousness, sub-consciousness, collective consciousness or dreams, even though they are closely related to this topic.
These are ideas that I have been playing around with for several years after reading many books, listening to different teachers from various schools of thought, having conversations with people, and most importantly, from prayer, meditation and fellowship with divinity – in word and in spirit.
By divinity, I mean God, the infinite being, Elohim, Father. Some may refer to Him by other terms which mean the same thing – a spiritual being that is not human, a being that created humanity from a wisdom humans do not comprehend on their plein of reasoning.
This is by no means a scholarly paper that follows certain writing methodology, I write what I like. It is not even up for debate, even though I welcome conversation and exchange of thoughts and ideas around the topic.  It is simply me jotting down my personal experiences and findings from fellowship with Divinity for me to reflect and intentionally and critically think through them, as well as for posterity.
One of my friends recently told me that I “thought too much”, and that thinking too much would kill me. I answered, if thinking proactively is a cause of death, then I guess I have to die, and I should be dead by now. I guess that the only time they consciously think, is when they are facing stressful situations. They were saying that I should stop questioning things, digging deeper into conversations and looking at life from every possible angle; that I should just chill. I have already done a lot of “chilling”, years of chilling. Most of my life has been a life of chill. Like a sponge, I have chilled, sat still and absorbed the world around me without saying much, learning, gathering data. If I go out to have a drink with friends, or try out a new experience, the data gathered from such activities will enter my mind and forever be a part of me. How I choose to manage that data is what is key. Today I am the sum total of every thought that has come into my mind, and so are you. The thoughts you get today will influence your being and mould who will be tomorrow.
There are several reasons why I have chosen to do this exercise of writing down, recording and publishing my thoughts and ideas. In no particular order, it is for accountability, for realizing my dreams and potential, for sharing and giving from my heart, and also to unravel this topic as much as I can.
If I was to pick the primary reason, I would say it is for the realization of my dreams and potential. One has to actively engage self in order to discover who they are, why they are and eventually become the Teleios version of themselves. Teleios is a greek word meaning complete, full, perfect, entire or “brought to completion.” Most people die without realizing their Teleios being.
Teleios is a state of consciousness that says “I am the best version of myself now. I am perfect and complete, lacking nothing. I am whole. I am entire.”
This state does not mean you are done and you do not progress anymore, it just means that  you have found your place in the universe and are at perfect synchrony with Divinity, playing your complete part in the Divine equation. You continually transform from one state to another, from one glory to another, from eternity to eternity, while in your state of completion. What you have now, where you are now, is all that you need for who you will be tomorrow. You are perfect, entire, complete, now.
Today, I am actively engaged in my spirit, in a state of Teleios, together with God, thinking, praying and meditating my way to a joint tomorrow without surprise.
This is commonly called prophecy, stating what will happen tomorrow, forthtelling and foretelling. Speaking who I am, and charting my course, speaking into existence what We see. That unity is important. I see what He sees, We see, and therefore We speak.
My dreams are pictures that I am moulding and creating to be one day lived and written into the history books.
My potential is the person that I Am, but I will Be tomorrow. As an eternal being, that person is in existence, but with the function of time, that person is awaiting a specific moment to manifest.
Teleios is not only the person I am, now; but also the person I see. I see, and I Be.
Thoughts such as these are Divine Thoughts, God-thoughts.
I am sharing my story publicly while on the journey. If I say that “I have arrived” at a state of teleios, and I truly believe that, then I can surely share the story as I travel. It is a bold step, becuase one would ordinarily want to see the fruits of success, and not the seeds. But what is ordinary?
Today I start practicing and living what I have learnt over the past couple of years. A student has to graduate out of school at some point and get into the real world to practically apply the principles learned. That is the real test. It is not enough to be able to comprehend theory, one has to live it.
The ideas are vast and complex, but it is only by starting that they will be simplified for me, and everyone who is with me to understand and apply, for their betterment and fulfillment of self – attainment of Teleios.
I express myself creatively, the same way the creator expressed himself. This could be through imagery, poems, songs, letters, paintings and videos. It could also be through new business models, conversations with people, sharing of other peoples ideas or any form of expression.
I will simply, BE Teleios.

Author Bashanganyi

On a unique journey. About to complete the 1st 30 years of my life. Spent the first 10 with family, the next 10 with friends in various schools, and thereafter the next 10 in church. Whats in store for me?

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