I do "Poetry"

Creative and Professional Writing

Capturing the “Aaah!”

People feel all kinds of emotions: elation, disappointment, sorrow, hope, joy and peace. They laugh, shout, dance or cry to express themselves.

A poet, much like a photographer, captures these emotional moments and etches them into history, so that one day, the readers and hearers of those words would have an “Aaah" moment, and say “Yes, I feel you… and I feel that you feel me. Yes, You get me!"

I do poetry.
I write what you feel, and write what you think.

Rhythmic or not,
[Structured] or out the box.
I do poetry.
Songs or raps,
Advertorials or copy,
Blogs or newsletters.
I do poetry.
Corporate Communication. Creative Copy.
Speeches, scripts, strategic or story.
Blogs, publications, editing, proofing.

When you need a poem,

Get a poet.

I do Poetry.

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