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Letting go

I was driving around my residential area today and I saw a bunch of adults densely converged outside a fence. I slowed down to try get a glimpse of the chaotic drama that must have unfolded, as large crowds usually (and unfortunately) signify. They were all fighting for space to get a peep into this fence. I was tempted to stop my vehicle to investigate but decided against it, incase I would be entering a “situation”. I turned the radio off so I could focus and slowed down to 10 or 20 k/ph, then fixed my gaze on the people’s faces. I was bewildered to realize that they were smiling and laughing.

Moving round the bend, I turned and could now see what they were looking at. On the other side of the fence, not so amused, looking back at the crowd was a not-quite-straight line of children. With backpacks on and wearing uniform for the first time, they listened to this new authority figure telling them to stand in line, while their parents and guardians on the other side of the fence cheered for them and encouraged them to go on, to let go and move on.

The kids were bewildered. Why are my parents doing this to me, some must have thought. They don’t love me, thy don’t want me. On the three hand, mum and dad know what is good for the children. At some point, you have to let go to make progress. You need new teachers, new friends, new environments, new challenges.

Little do these little ones know that there will be many more first days for many more years. Little do they know that they will be judged and that they will probably live their lives according to how they succeeded and performed at school. Yes, the education systems are twisted, but education is not. The lack of knowledge keeps people spiritually, mentally, holistically poor. Knowledge is wealth.

A school is an institution for learning, for lessons, for growth and for progress. Just as many Grade R’s start school today, many of us should embark on new journeys of learning too.

Complacency is a b****.

Let go of the weight that so easily besets you. Let go of that hand that keeps giving you fish instead of a rod. Let go of dependency on man. Give to Ceaser his coin, let go of the bondage of money. “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery” Bob Marley sang.

Keep moving, growing, learning, making progress, rising, like a hot air balloon without the pop up top by the thinness of air; stratosphere heights.

To many 1st days at school! God speed, God bless!

P.S: Education is a right. Many kids who should be going to school today are not. Let your voice be heard.

Author Bashanganyi

On a unique journey. About to complete the 1st 30 years of my life. Spent the first 10 with family, the next 10 with friends in various schools, and thereafter the next 10 in church. Whats in store for me?

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