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Nope. This has nothing to do with Jobs or Apple products.
This has nothing to do with iMac… though i got the girl
Nor has it got anything to do with iWatch… I’m fully aware of the times we live in
It is not the new iPhone I am talking about, I am managing just fine with my iPhone 4S.
My cell phone doesn’t define my existence, value or worth.
As a matter of fact… I am fully connected.
I am tuned to the right frequencies & I catch all the right messages
I am permanently downloading
I am permanently uploading
Constant two way communication
iProsper in my spirit
iProsper in my relationships
iProsper in my assignment
iProsper in my calling
iProsper in my purpose
iProsper in my soul
iProsper in my emotions
iProsper in my mind
iProsper in my body
iProsper in my finances
iProsper in my health
Yes, i have a prosperous, fruitful, productive, flourishing life
And yes, today is a good day to prosper
Tomorrow is another great day to prosper
Aha! Yes, everyday, for eternity is a great day to prosper
#Prosper #prosperity #success #wisdom #spirit #wealth #riches #soul #happy #life #zoe

Author Bashanganyi

On a unique journey. About to complete the 1st 30 years of my life. Spent the first 10 with family, the next 10 with friends in various schools, and thereafter the next 10 in church. Whats in store for me?

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