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I want more likes in 2017!

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I want more likes in 2017!

I want tweets and retweets. More followers.
Am I an addict? What are the signs, and I am an addict, should I seek help, or can I continue?
Social media is a vital part of society. It used to be an addition to life, even a taboo and looked down upon. I used to get the “I see you spending your time on Facebook” look at work; yet social media was part of my job description.
This New Year, 2017 will be no different, social media will continue to be integral part of society; and with more affordable smart phones, mobile operators dropping their data prices, and more Wi-Fi access point, social media use can only go one direction, upward (or is it upwards).
african youth

200 million youth in Africa

Africa has 200 million youth (15-25 year olds), and a lot of them are users of social media. I am on social networks I know of, I spend about 5% of my day on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I’m also on Snapchat (which I never use), Google+ (can it even be considered a social network?) and LinkedIn (eish). I’ve been on MySpace too (pre-historic days).

I am on social media everyday, all day.

Everyday, without fail (several times actually) I check my Facebook and Instagram account. An interesting word ‘account’ – a balance of time and mental/emotional energy that we must account for; we draw out of it, and hopefully add to it too.
Throughout the day I’m on my phone on social media, while working, or chilling with people, or when pulling up to a red robot (that’s a clear sign that I must stop that jazz).
Even before I go to sleep I have the pre-sleep scrolls seeing what people are busy with: who has something interesting or funny to say, who is with bae, who is on holiday, and who is showing off bootay! I see platters of sushi and salmon, bottles of champagne, Rolex’s and Fossils, Rolls Royce’s and Vrrrr Phas! Is it just me going to sleep right now?! I like one or two pics that I carefully select then go to sleep.
Tomorrow… I must find something to post.
I wake up in the morning, and as if it is part of my physical bodies awaking process, I reach for the phone by my bedside, or next to my pillow if I fell asleep while on my phone. (I’m actually realising how embarrassingly crazy that is as I write this). I head to Instagram and look for that red dot on the heart by the bottom right of the screen; and my eyes would widen and my heart would do a little dance as my thumb goes for the click, waiting to see who, what, when (www)! Depending on www my mood would be set. Am I an addict? No, I do not want to hear the answer!
(New Year Resolution – Pray and plan my day before touching my phone, get a bedside clock, leave phone a walking distance from bed when I go to sleep on some days.)
I will then proceed to scroll down timelines and get my fix. I like to know what’s happening around the country and world, so I check Twitter’s hashtags. Sadly there’s always something about terrorism or race. Reading news on social media makes me feel better. It makes me feel as if I am not wasting my time and removes the guilt of too much browsing. I have actually gone beyond just the the entertainment side of social media, and I look out for inspiring content, good news, as well as something to learn, some knowledge.

Pretty girls get more likes.

When it comes to posting, it always feels like a challenge. I want to find something to post that can get me MORE! More likes, more comments, more attention! There are also different groups of people I associate with, and I want to somehow reach them all (that would include you. You ask, ‘who me’. I say, yes you too! 🙂  ).
Lupita Nyong'o

Borrowed picture of a beautiful girl – Lupita

I see girls on Instagram getting over 1000 likes per post! If I get 50 likes I have reached the jackpot. Some of these girls have 50,000 followers! Bruh! Miss! Who are you? I am then tempted to use a “borrowed picture of a beautiful girl” as my profile picture just to get that exposure.
And honestly I don’t understand why peeps have the maximum allowed 5000 friends on Facebook. I have 1300 and I’m sure I don’t know half of them; and the 600 that I do know I only interact with 100 – 200.
Such is life. but this year 2017 I want more than just friends on paper. I want relationships. Yes I cant meet up with everybody, but I can say ‘hello’ via private message, I can like your picture, I can leave a comment. I want friendly friends, you know what I mean? Yes I want more followers, yes I want more likes, yes I want more retweets in 2017. I want it all, but I want it all to be real. I want to be liked by more people, I want comments and compliments and messages of congratulations on my new whatever it is. I want my posts shared. I also want to be in with it, i want to be known, in real life. Not to be ignored when I see you across the room. I want to walk into a room with such swag that I wink at people and give them the ‘sup nod; while I confidently throw my index finger at them.  “I see you over there!”

Should I quit Social Media?

So in 2017, there is no need to reduce my use of social media. I want it to pay me. I have invested my time and energy, my data and the airtime that’s taken when the data finishes! I’ve given smiles for selfies, poses for photos. I have given my life’s experiences to the Facebook servers where they make money off me! I want a R.O.I, I want my money back, multiplied! I flourish off social media this year. Give and it shall be given back to you, simple.
So I will give more. More likes, comments and shares. #StalkersMustfall. We can’t be browsing and enjoying peoples lives from a distance! As you can see, I am writing more. 2017 is about more. More real-ationships where I relate for real; with more truthful and honest thoughts.
This year 2017, more love.
This year 2017, more likes.
Happy New year to you, new thoughts of self, new ideas of worth! New friends, relationships and reunions.
I like you, just because you have gotten to the bottom of this looooong post.
Do the right thing friend. I see you!
#2017 #Goledzwa #HappyNewYear #ngwagaOmosha #makorokoteEgoredzva
i want more likes in 2017

i see you over there

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